Samurai Frog Golf
DescriptionHumans have vanished into whispered legend and animals have regained ownership of the land, sea and sky. Our story is about one particular frog:

Scarred inside and out, the old samurai is haunted by ghosts of a life of violence in the Frog Wars. He melts his sword into a golf club and vows never to kill again. A gruff, solitary creature, he wants nothing to do with any other living beast, and especially not his hated ancient enemies the Turtles. All he wants is to be left alone to spend his remaining years at peace on the golf course.

As fate would have it, one bad swing sets off a course of events that put him in the unwilling position of caring for a baby - but not just any baby, the infant prince of the turtle clan! Pursued by enemies old and new, our hero must set off on a long and dangerous journey to return the baby to his homeland. With his tamahage driver and his caddy, the sage but forgetful sugar-glider by his side, the trio travel across a vast and perilous land. Through the adventure, our hero must learn to overcome his own prejudice, forgive ancient enemies and himself, and heal the wounds of the past. If our hero is to reach his goal and find his own redemption, he must take this sage bit of advice from his caddy:

“To move forward, you must be like the turtle. He only progresses when he sticks out his neck.”
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Computer Animation Festival
TimeWednesday, 7 December 20225:00pm - 7:00pm KST
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