Period Drama
DescriptionOur film, called Period Drama, is a Victorian-era tale about eleven-year-old Georgiana Crimsworth, who gets her first period before ever having gotten the talk. Partly based on personal experience, this story aims to get across the idea that at that age, this sort of situation really makes you feel like you’re trapped in a gothic horror story.

Menstruation, and by extension women’s health as a whole, isn’t often discussed in popular media - and almost never in a medium like animation. Because of the implicit taboo that exists, there’s still a lot of shame and ignorance that surrounds a period, when that certainly shouldn’t be the case. Period Drama is our effort to address this, and hopefully make the subject easier to discuss, too.

Period Drama made a significant victory at the Student Academy Awards this year as the only animated finalist from the United States. Among numerous festivals it was also awarded Best Animated Short in Cannes and screened at the renowned Newport Beach Film Festival. For the film's technical feats, it was awarded Film of the Year at the Rookies Awards.
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Computer Animation Festival
TimeWednesday, 7 December 20225:00pm - 7:00pm KST
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