Crush On
On a desolate street in a long-neglected city.
The moment of silence was broken after a runaway train crashed into a derelict
apartment. Numerous ladies rushed out of the train, filter through the apartment,
and break into every room unscrupulously. They interrupt the men who are alone
in each room, which made the men overwhelmed and losing the ability to express
their thoughts.
The different rooms in the apartment symbolize the different feelings of the man,
and its shapes construct the profile of the man.
Back to the scene of reality, the man is deeply smitten with the lady.

P.S. At the moment I saw you, it is as though a train crash into my mind that I got
a deranged mind..

This is my graduation project, I made animation with CGI technology and used software Blender, Adobe After effects and
Adobe Premiere Pro to complete. This work was completed by myself except for the shooting part.

First of all, the character in front of the green screen and perform, the camera will record action at 120 fps in order to make
the slow motion and after effect easy. I used Premiere software to first-time color mix and then input After Effects software
to remove the green screen and create film take off clearance. Furthermore, the environment of image will establish in
Blender and light is added, I created digital modeling and visual effects simulation. The stuff in Blender’s camera needs to
be perfect. Finally, all the images which after render and documents will be composite and final color mixed in After Effects.
This technology can make the real character mix in the digital world perfectly.
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Computer Animation Festival
TimeWednesday, 7 December 20225:00pm - 7:00pm KST
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