Cat and Moth
DescriptionFirstly, we meet Ditto, a fluffy plump white cat. Unlike most other cats, who seem to be able to sleep anywhere, Ditto is very particular. The universe seems out to get her as she tries to find the most comfortable spot. Until she falls upon the most wonderful warm yellow cushion she's ever seen. No spot has ever been so comfortable. But little does she know a fuzzy winged intruder, Monty, has his eye on it too. Monty is by no way bashful in disturbing Ditto's slumber. He is inherently attracted to warm bright spots, but you'd think he'd stay loyal to the all-seeing light in the sky...but that cushion is goddamn comfy! Monty will go to any lengths to knock Ditto from that comfy spot, but at what consequence?
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Computer Animation Festival
TimeTuesday, 6 December 20226:00pm - 8:00pm KST
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