Appreciative Inquiry for Representation in the Workplace
DescriptionAppreciative Inquiry is a post-modernist mindset, tools, and approach to management and leadership, especially for an organization that experiences a lot of change. As many of us are mid-career, we may feel like we’re in a rut. In order to have an Appreciative Inquiry safe environment at work, the workplace should be a learning environment. We should explore novel organizational tools such as Appreciative Inquiry to get recognized in a modernist managerial structure, and push our organizations (big and small) into the future. Appreciative Inquiry is a meaningful tool for marginalized groups to use because it can amplify voices when analyzing situations, used in an email or other written documents, and synchronously in a meeting. It can be used to drive conversations, lead initiatives, and empower marginalized groups.

- Appreciative Inquiry In Action

- Neuroscience of meaning making, learning, thinking and knowing

- Making Space for Appreciative Inquiry at Work
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Diversity Equity & Inclusion Talk
TimeTuesday, 6 December 20224:30pm - 5:00pm KST
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