Hierarchical Layout Blending with Recursive Optimal Correspondence
DescriptionWe present a novel method for blending hierarchical layouts with semantic labels. The core of our method is a hierarchical structure correspondence algorithm, which recursively finds optimal substructure correspondences, achieving a globally optimal correspondence between a pair of hierarchical layouts. This correspondence is consistent with the structures of both layouts, allowing us to define the union of the layouts' structures. The resulting compound structure helps extract intermediate layout structures, from which blended layouts can be generated via an optimization approach. The correspondence also defines a similarity measure between layouts in a hierarchically structured view. Our method provides a new way for novel layout creation. The introduced structural similarity measure regularizes the layouts in a hyperspace. We demonstrate two applications in this paper, i.e., exploratory design of novel layouts and sketch-based layout retrieval, and test them on a magazine layout dataset. The effectiveness and feasibility of these two applications are confirmed by the user feedback and the extensive results. The code is available at https://github.com/lyf7115/LayoutBlending.
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Technical Papers
TimeTuesday, 6 December 202210:00am - 12:00pm KST
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