Woven Fabric Capture from a Single Photo
DescriptionDigitally reproducing the appearance of woven fabrics is important in many applications of realistic rendering, from interior scenes to virtual characters. However, designing realistic shading models and capturing real fabric samples are both challenging tasks. Previous work ranges from applying generic shading models not meant for fabrics, to data-driven approaches scanning fabrics requiring expensive setups and large data. None of these approaches can turn a single woven fabric sample photograph into a high-accuracy reconstruction enabling compact storage and efficient rendering.
In this paper, we propose a woven fabric material model and a parameter estimation approach for it. Our lightweight forward shading model treats yarns as bent and twisted cylinders, shading these using a microflake-based BRDF model. We propose a simple fabric capture configuration, wrapping the fabric sample on a cylinder of known radius and capturing a single image under known camera and light positions. Our inverse rendering pipeline consists of a neural network to estimate initial fabric parameters and an optimization based on differentiable rendering to refine the results. Our fabric parameter estimation achieves high-quality recovery of measured woven fabric samples, which can be used for efficient rendering and further edited.
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