Interactive and Robust Mesh Booleans
DescriptionBoolean operations between objects are among the most used paradigms to create and edit digital shapes. Despite being conceptually simple, the computation of mesh booleans is notoriously challenging. The main issues come mostly from the presence of numerical approximations that make the detection and processing of intersection points inconsistent and unreliable, exposing implementations based on floating point arithmetic to many kinds of degeneracy and failure. Numerical methods based on rational numbers or exact geometric predicates have the needed robustness guarantees, that are achieved at the cost of increased computation times that, as of today, has always restricted the use of robust mesh booleans to offline applications.
We introduce the first algorithm for boolean operations with robustness guarantees that is capable of operating at interactive frame rates on meshes with up to 100K triangles.
Our contribution enables artists to work interatively with reliable boolean operations.
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Technical Papers
TimeTuesday, 6 December 202210:00am - 12:00pm KST
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