MoRig: Motion-Aware Rigging of Character Meshes from Point Clouds
DescriptionWe present MoRig, a method that automatically rigs character meshes driven by single-view point cloud streams capturing the motion of performing characters. Our method is also able to animate the 3D meshes according to the captured point cloud motion. At the heart of our approach lies a deep neural network that encodes motion cues from the point clouds into features that are informative about the articulated parts of the performing character. These features guide the inference of an appropriate skeletal rig for the input mesh, which is then animated based on the input point cloud motion. Our method can rig and animate diverse characters, including humanoids, quadrupeds, and toys with varying articulations. It is designed to account for occluded regions in the input point cloud sequences and any mismatches in the part proportions between the input mesh and captured character. Compared to other rigging approaches that ignore motion cues, our method produces more accurate skeletal rigs, which are also more appropriate for re-targeting motion from captured characters.
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TimeTuesday, 6 December 20222:00pm - 3:30pm KST
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