Make Your Own Sprites: Aliasing-Aware and Cell-Controllable Pixelization
DescriptionPixel art is a unique art style with the appearance of low resolution images. In this paper, we propose a data-driven pixelization method that can produce sharp and crisp cell effects with controllable cell size. Our approach overcomes the limitation of existing learning-based methods in cell size control by introducing a reference pixel art to explicitly regularize the cell structure. In particular, the cell structure features of the reference pixel art are used as an auxiliary input for the pixelization process, and for measuring the style similarity between the generated result and the reference pixel art. Furthermore, we disentangle the pixelization process into specific cell-aware and aliasing-aware stages, mitigating the ambiguities in joint learning of cell size, aliasing effect, and color assignment.
To train our model for cell-controllable and aliasing-aware generation of pixel arts, we construct a dedicated pixel art dataset and augment it with different cell sizes and different degrees of anti-aliasing effects. Extensive experiments demonstrate superior performance over state-of-the-arts in terms of cell sharpness and perceptual expressiveness. We also show promising results of video game pixelization for the first time.
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