Animatomy: an Animator-centric, Anatomically Inspired System for 3D Facial Modeling, Animation and Transfer
DescriptionWe present Animatomy, a novel anatomic+animator centric representation of the human face. Present FACS-based systems are plagued with problems of face muscle separation, coverage, opposition, and redundancy. We, therefore, propose a collection of muscle fiber curves as an anatomic basis, whose contraction and relaxation provide us with a fine-grained parameterization of human facial expression. We build an end-to-end modular deformation architecture using this representation that enables: automatic optimization of the parameters of a specific face from high-quality dynamic facial scans; face animation driven by performance capture, keyframes, or dynamic simulation; interactive and direct manipulation of facial expression; and animation transfer from an actor to a character. We validate our facial system by showing compelling animated results, applications, and a quantitative comparison of our facial reconstruction to ground truth performance capture. Our system is being intensively used by a large creative team on an upcoming blockbuster film. We report feedback from these users as qualitative evaluation of our system.
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Technical Papers
TimeTuesday, 6 December 202210:00am - 12:00pm KST
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