SkinMixer: Blending 3D Animated Models
DescriptionWe propose a novel technique to compose new 3D animated models, such as videogame characters, by combining pieces from existing ones. Our method works on production-ready rigged, skinned, and animated 3D models to reassemble new ones. We exploit Mix-and-match operations on the skeletons to trigger the automatic creation of a new mesh, link it to the new skeleton, and generate a set of animations, all reconstructed from the input data. The resulting model reproduces the quality of the input meshing (even when it is quad-dominant and semi-regular) of its skinning (inducing believable deformation) and also preserves the coherence of the final animations, which are reconstructed from the input assets.

Our method allows content creators to reuse valuable, carefully designed assets for new ready-to-use creations while preserving most of the hand-crafted subtleties of models authored by digital artists. As shown in the accompanying video, it allows for drastically cutting the time needed to obtain the final result.
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Technical Papers
TimeTuesday, 6 December 202210:00am - 12:00pm KST
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