Cross-platforming "School life metaverse" user experience
DescriptionIn "Metaver-School", Cross-platforming "School life metaverse" user experience development (UXDev), we investigated how many avatars could be rendered on current Head Mounted Displays (HMDs). As a benchmark, REALITY avatars works in Quest 2, up to 23 avatars could be rendered at more than 60 FPS, however in Quest 1, the maximum performance was 10 avatars or less. "AI Fusion", generating real-time music play animations for Humanoids using Standard MIDI and partial motion capture data like faces or hands, is a procedural method which realize music club experiences. We tested cross-platform music play experience and building pipeline for short film creation.
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TimeThursday, 8 December 202210:00am - 6:00pm KST
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