Breaking Good: Fracture Modes for Realtime Destruction
DescriptionDrawing a direct analogy with the well-studied vibration or elastic modes, we introduce an object’s fracture modes, which constitute its preferred or most natural ways of breaking. We formulate a sparsified eigenvalue problem, which we solve iteratively to obtain the n lowest-energy modes. These can be precomputed for a given shape to obtain a prefracture pattern that can substitute the state of the art for realtime applications at no runtime cost but significantly greater realism. Furthermore, any realtime impact can be projected onto our modes to obtain impact-dependent fracture patterns without the need for any online crack propagation simulation. We not only introduce this theoretically novel concept, but also show its fundamental and practical advantages in a diverse set of examples and contexts.
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Technical Papers
TimeWednesday, 7 December 20225:00pm - 6:30pm KST
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