RAY LC (Parsons MFA, UCLA PhD) creates exhibitions and interventions using environmental storytelling and human-machine interactions. He takes inspiration from his own research in human-computer interaction and neuroscience in works that probe human community’s evolving relationship with technology. Notable exhibitions include BankArt, 1_Wall, Process Space LMCC, New York Hall of Science Residency, Saari Residency, Kyoto Design Lab Residency, Kiyoshi Saito Museum, ICRA Elektra Montreal, ArtLab Lahore, Ars Electronica Linz, NeON Digital Arts Festival, New Museum, CICA Museum, NYC Short Documentary Film Festival, Burning Man, NeurIPS, Deconstrukt, Angewandte Festival, University of Graz, Elektron Tallinn, Floating Projects, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, Osage Gallery, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Science Gallery Detroit.
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