Jean-Marc is an award-winning interactive media artist designing virtual worlds. His artwork has been presented at domestic and international venues. He has written books on creating real-time interactive experiences in virtual worlds and the production of real-time 3D animations and games.
When Jean-Marc Gauthier is not observing - he is conceptualizing and creating. He starts with sketches - be it traditional (pencil, charcoal, marker) or digital. Often his drawings turn into animations, 3D designs, 3D animations, videos, and VR projects. His background as an architect and animator has taken him in directions that have combined many disciplines and fascinating challenges - going as far back as teaming up with a neurosurgeon for interactive navigation inside the brain, working on the visualization of the genotypes of the world’s bird species or creating ‘digital twins’ that serve as real-time VR counterparts of wildlife environments of the Pacific Northwest.
Real-Time Live!