Vicon’s VFX Product Manager David ‘Ed’ Edwards is responsible for the overall direction of motion capture products utilised in the games and film industries. This includes a range of software and hardware solutions dedicated to Virtual Production, which has seen significant growth in recent years.

Before Vicon, Ed worked at Staffordshire University where he provided technical support and guidance to students across some of Europe’s largest games art, design and programming courses. Initially a Technical Specialist for Games and VFX, he eventually moved into Visualisation and Simulation, establishing facilities, pipelines and educational materials for a range of topics that include motion capture, laser scanning, close range photogrammetry, VR and UI design among others. These positions followed ten years of design and management experience in a range of capacities, working across marine research, retail and online technologies.

Ed has a First Class Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Multimedia Graphics and is currently undertaking a Master of Research in Computing Science. Outside of work, he operates a small creative design business, dips his toes into shark behavioural research and consults for a number of small NGOs.
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