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DescriptionThe Technical Communications program is a premier forum for presenting the latest developments and research still in progress. Leading international experts in academia and industry present work that showcase actual implementations of research ideas, works at the crossroads of computer graphics with computer vision, machine learning, HCI, VR, CAD, visualization, and many others – in 20-minute sessions.

A Technical Communication combines a short format written document with an oral presentation where presenters can interact with leading international experts in academia and industry.
Sampling Neural Radiance Fields for Refractive Objects
Zero-Shot Multi-Modal Artist-Controlled Retrieval and Exploration of 3D Object Sets
Tauray: A Scalable Real-Time Open-Source Path Tracer for Stereo and Light Field Displays
Training-Free Neural Matte Extraction for Visual Effects
Optical Parameter Estimation for Hair and Fur using Differentiable Rendering
Realtime blur simulation of varifocal spectacle lenses in virtual reality
Your3dEmoji: Creating Personalized Emojis via One-shot 3D-aware Cartoon Avatar Synthesis
Towards Virtual Humans without Gender Stereotyped Visual Features
Real-Time Omnidirectional Roaming in Large Scale Indoor Scenes
Voronoi Spaghetti & VoroNoodles: Topologically Interlocked, Space-Filling, Corrugated & Congruent Tiles
OVERPAINT: Automatic Multi-Layer Stencil Generation without Bridges
Progressive Material Caching
Discretization-Agnostic Deep Self-Supervised 3D Surface Parameterization
SMPL-IK: Learned Morphology-Aware Inverse Kinematics for AI Driven Artistic Workflows
WebtoonMe: A Data-Centric Approach for Full-Body Portrait Stylization
Rig Inversion by Training a Differentiable Rig Function
Combining GPU Tracing Methods within a Single Ray Query
Computational Alternative Photographic Process toward Sustainable Printing
Affine-Transformed Ray Alignment for Fast Ray Traversal
A Hybrid Boundary Element and Boundary Integral Equation Method for Accurate Diffusion Curves