Technical Communications, Technical Papers: Rendering Systems
Event TypeTechnical Communications, Technical Papers
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TimeThursday, 8 December 20222:00pm - 3:30pm KST
DescriptionThe presentations will be followed by a 30-min Interactive Discussion Session at Room 325-CD.

The Technical Papers program is the premier international forum for disseminating new scholarly work in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Technical Papers are published as a special issue of ACM Transactions on Graphics. In addition to papers selected by the SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 Technical Papers Jury, the conference presents papers that have been published in ACM Transactions on Graphics during the past year. Accepted papers adhere to the highest scientific standards.

The Technical Communications program is a premier forum for presenting the latest developments and research still in progress. Leading international experts in academia and industry present work that showcase actual implementations of research ideas, works at the crossroads of computer graphics with computer vision, machine learning, HCI, VR, CAD, visualization, and many others.