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TimeThursday, 8 December 202210:00am - 6:00pm KST
DescriptionThe Posters program is an interactive forum for innovative ideas that are not yet fully polished, high-impact practical contributions, and offer a behind-the-scenes view of new commercial and artistic work, as well as solutions that help solve challenging problems. It is a cooperative setting where students, researchers, artists, enthusiasts, and industry veterans come together to present their research, art, and ideas to the global CG industry and encourage feedback on recently completed work or tentative new approaches.
Cross-platforming "School life metaverse" user experience
Fused BVH to Ray Trace Level of Detail Meshes
InfiniteShader: Color Changeable 3D Printed Objects using Bi-Stable Thermochromic Materials
Cohand VR: Towards A Shareable Immersive Experience via Wearable Gesture Interface between VR Audiences and External Audiences
Improving Co-speech gesture rule-map generation via wild pose matching with gesture units
Real-Time Facial Animation Generation on Face Mask
Computer Generated Hologram Optimization for Lens Aberration
Method of Creating Video Content that Cause The Sensation of Falling
Transcendental Avatar: Experiencing Bioresponsive Avatar of the Self for Improved Cognition
Palette-based Image Search with Color Weights
Effects of Font Type and Weight on Reading in VR
Language-driven Diversified Image Retargeting
Visual Simulation of Tire Smoke
A Novel Solution to Manufacturing Multi-Color Medical Preoperative Models with Transparent Shells
Adaptive real-time interactive rendering of gigantic multi-resolution models
Codeless Content Creator System: Anyone Can Make Their Own Mixed Reality Content Without Relying on Software Developer Tools
A Study on Sonification Method of Simulator-Based Ski Training for People with Visual Impairment
It's Me: VR-based Journaling for Improved Cognitive Self-Regulation
Artist-directed Modeling of Competitively Growing Corals
Ribbon Font Neural Style Transfer for OpenType-SVG Font
Prometheus: A mobile telepresence system connecting the 1st person and 3rd person perspectives continuously
Procedural Modeling of Crystal Clusters
Hanging Print: Plastic Extrusion for Catenary Weaving in Mid Air
Recursive Rendering of 2D Images for Accurate Pose Estimation in a 3D Mesh Map
Cognitionaware automatic viewpoint selection in scenes with crowds of objects
MMGrip: A Handheld Multimodal Haptic Device Combining Vibration, Impact, and Shear for Realistic Expression of Contact
Using Rhythm Game to train Rhythmic Motion in Sports
Pupillary oscillation induced by pseudo-isochromatic stimuli for objective color vision test
Realistic Rendering Tool for Pseudo-Structural Coloring with Multi-Color Extrusion of FFF 3D Printing
No-code Digital Human for Conversational Behavior
Anime-Like Motion Transfer with Optimal Viewpoints
Eye on the Ball: The effect of visual cues on virtual throwing
Color Animated Full-parallax High-definition Computer-generated Hologram
Automatic Deformation-based animation of 3D mesh
Robust and Efficient Structure-from-Motion Method for Ambiguous Large-Scale Indoor Scene
Representation of FRP material damage in 3DCG
AIP: Adversarial Interaction Priors for Multi-Agent Physics-based Character Control
Internal-External Boundary Attentions for Transparent Object Segmentation
Adjusting Level of Abstraction for Stylized Image Composition
A High Frame Rate Affordable Nystagmus Detection Method with Smartphones Used in Outpatient Clinic
Robust Vectorized Surface Reconstruction with 2D-3D Joint Optimization
Neural Bidirectional Texture Function Compression and Rendering
Metric-KNN is All You Need
Optimal Composition Recommendation for Portrait Photography
A Non-Associated MSCC Model for Simulating Structured and Destructured Clays
Combining Augmented and Virtual Reality Experiences for Immersive Fire Drills
Time-Dependent Machine Learning for Volumetric Simulation
Temporal and Spatial Distortion for VR Rhythmic Skill Training
Color LightField: Estimation of View-point Dependant Color Dispersion Pattern In Waveguide Display
Efficient Drone Exploration in Real Unknown Environments
Sustainable VFX - A Pipeline and Rendering Challenge?
TexSR: Image Super-resolution for High-Quality Texture Mapping
Accelerated and Optimized Search of Imperceptible Color Vibration for Embedding Information into LCD images
MEMformer: Transformer-based 3D Human Motion Estimation from MoCap Markers
Motion In-betweening for Physically Simulated Characters
Investigating the Effects of Synchronized Visuo-Tactile Stimuli for Inducing Kinesthetic Illusion in Observational Learning of Whole-Body Movements